About Us

We’re geeks, plain and simple….ask us how to get some place and we may ask you first about the map projection you are using, or alternatively, we may tell you how to build an inertial navigation system….technology fascinates us, and we’re always looking at how we can apply technology in the global macro themes we see developing in the world in front of us.

We’re global citizens, plain and simple….although we recognize there are differences from one region of the world to another….whether they’re geopolitical, cultural or otherwise….we also recognize that we’re interconnected.

We’re businessmen, plain and simple….we’ve all operated our own companies and know what it takes for a good idea to succeed.  When we invest, we invest with the idea that funding is only part of what we bring to the table.  We bring technical smarts, business savvy, a network of contacts and lifetimes of experience.