Longbow Focus

The great global focus is energy, and Longbow is squarely in the middle of it.  Energy, abundant, cheap and clean energy, drives our thinking these days.  We don’t chase the fads, though, and we do our homework and know the advantages and disadvantages of the technologies available.

Yes, we’re right in the middle of cheap and abundant natural gas.  And we’ve been in the middle of the liquid petroleum drilling business for decades.  Some of our principles were among the first to drill horizontal wells accurately; we know the fossil energy business and entertain any ideas that help to identify, develop, produce and market fossil resources.

We also realize that fossil energy is contributing to atmospheric changes that could have severe ramifications in the future….we can’t abandon fossil energy overnight, but we can look at ways to use it more efficiently.  We know the energy conversion business and markets, and entertain any ideas that improve the useful energy produced from  the energy we already consume….think district energy production, micro cogeneration, improved prime movers, fuel cells and the like.

We also look to the future…when cheap and abundant fossil fuels aren’t.  How can we take an abundance of sunshine, intermittent wind energy and geothermal energy and make it work for us….24/7/365?  And then there’s plant based fuel development; can we identify and produce renewable fuels without impacting human food sources?

Finally, we believe that conservation without having to give up lifestyle is entirely possible.  One only needs to look at the Light Emitting Diode to see justification of that statement.  We are interested in technologies that are more efficient users of energy, whether it be lighting, water purification or transportation.

The technology breakthrough of the longbow hinged on orienting the raw stock properly….it was a simple thing to do when all was said and done, but required someone to understand the strengths of the various layers in the wood, orient it properly and then invest enough time and effort to prove out their thinking.  Just like the longbow harnessed the strength of one man more effectively and thus changed the battlefield for several hundred years, we believe that there are similar technologies, understood by people like you, waiting for an opportunity to prove out their view.

We hope to hear from you soon.