At the turn of the first millennia in the common era, the English Longbow dominated the battlefields. An everyman’s weapon, it was relatively cheap and powerful compared to the ‘heavy armor’ of the time, the French Knight. The Longbow was constructed from the wood of the Yew tree which had unique properties if oriented properly, providing tensile strength on the outside of the bow and compressive strength on the inside of the bow. When drawn, it provided exceptional force in projecting an arrow. This allowed the Longbowmen to decimate their enemies, and they did so in a number of battles throughout the Hundred Years War.

Longbow Technology Ventures takes their inspiration from this innovative use of nature’s ‘technology’ to change the order of things. Longbow searches for answers to common needs through the constant evolution of our understanding of a complex universe. We look anywhere from the lab to online in developing our understanding of emerging global macro themes, and then search for the people and companies with the technical smarts that have the answers to the emerging needs of tomorrow.

The answers are there; we’d enjoy hearing from you about what you are doing.