What We Do

We invest.  We invest in companies, people, and ideas.  We invest directly, through syndications, as angels, venture capitalists or private equity.  We invest in public companies, private companies, intellectual property and markets that stand in the path of our macro economic view of the world and where it is going.  And we don’t have a time horizon….we can invest for tomorrow, or we can invest for the next 100 years.  We invest patiently.

We start with fundamental analysis of the current trends in the world….and how technology is reinforcing that, changing that or merely fooling everyone, providing providential opportunity for wise men to enter markets cheaply.  We do this analysis through a team of internal and external engineers, physicists, chemists, mathematicians, economists, geopolitical scientists and just plain smart people.

We then seek the right investment opportunity….quite frankly, we find most of our opportunities….we travel and conference and roll up our sleeves.  We read, we experiment and ask ourselves ‘why not?’.  And when we find the right opportunity, we work with other smart people to help them make a vision happen.

We invest…money, time, vision, experience, contacts, know-how and ideas.